IKF Green Fuels plans two new bio-fuel refineries.

Company Name : IKF Technologies

Project Status : Planning

Project Location : West Bengal, WB

Project Cost : Rs.500 million

Completion Schedule : March 2011

•              IKF Green Fuels, a subsidiary of IKF Technologies is planning to set up two new bio-fuel refineries in West Bengal and Gujarat.

•              The project will help the company enhanching its annual production from 9,750 tonnes now to about one lakh tonnes .

•              The project is estimated to cost Rs.500 million.

•              The project is to be funded through the money raised last year through Global Depository Receipts.

•              The company has an agreement with Indian Oil Corporation for technology transfer and supply of bio-fuel.

•              The project is expected to be completed in March 2011.

Contact :

IKF Technologies, Rashmi Building, 2nd floor, Plot.No: XI-16, Block EP / GP Salt lake City Sector-V, Kolkatta-700091. Tel: 033-23572610 / 23572611 Fax: 033-23572612

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